Induction hardening

Customized solutions for every part.

Case Hardening

Creates a surface layer that increases wear resistance, hardness, and fatigue life without affecting base material.

In-House Design

We custom design and manufacture coils and tooling in-house, that adhere to your strict specifications.


Our induction cells are equipped with CNC Scanners that can precisely harden the exact area, every time.


Prototyping can be developed on a single part or customized to meet your high volume needs.


The use of a custom-made coil is a key factor in induction heat treatment. Acheiving high surface hardness with a deep case capable of supporting high loads depends on the right design. We’re able to customize your requirements, one part at a time, for any volume of components.

Our Process

Ideal for components that are subject to heavy loads, induction drastically improves the strength, fatigue and wear resistance in localized areas without having to redesign your component. By applying current to the coil we’re able to induce a magnetic field within your part. It’s an electromagnetic process where current is supplied at precise power levels and frequencies.

Process Control

All of our induction lines have process monitoring to ensure every part produced receives the same process everytime.

Fast Turnaround

With in-house custom tooling design and development, working with us means you’ll have the fastest turnaround times in Canada.

Case depth

Our equipment frequency ranges from 3kHz to 450 Khz, offering you the flexibility in targeting precise case depths.

Induction Furnaces

  • 3 Ajax Tocco Furnaces -400kHz 50kW
  • Welduction Furnace – 450kHz 75kW
  • Ajax Tocco Furnace – 400kHz 80kW
  • 2 Ajax Tocco Furnaces – 3-10kHz 100kW
  • 2 Thermonic Furnaces – 250kHz 60kW
  • 2 Ajax Tocco Robotically Fed Furnaces – 125-400kHz 150kW

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