Nitriding & Nitrocarburizing

Superior surface quality with minimal distortion


Creates a surface layer that extends part/tool life, adds abrasive wear, and fatigue strength with zero to minimal distortion.

Ferritic Nitrocarburizing

Similar to traditional Nitiridng but offers shorter cycle times. Typical for production volume runs.

Pre & Post Oxidation

Our equipment can offer Pre & Post Oxidation for a variety of surface finishes

AMS 2759

Our equipment meets the strict requirements of both AMS 2759/12 & AMS 2759/13


Our process from start to finish is completely PLC controlled. It meets the sophisticated FNC and Nitriding Standards of AMS2759/12. We are able to control and log DA & Kn throughout our entire process. This allows us to perform single and multi-stage processes and offers precise control of the compound layer.


Our furnaces are some of the largest in Ontario. We are able to process parts with dimensions of up to 65″ in height and 50″ in diameter. Metex operates 24/7 and is able to offer quick turnaround on parts of this size.

Process Control

All of our nitriding lines have process & control monitoring to ensure quality throughout

Fast Turnaround

With a 24/7 facility, working with us means you’ll have the fastest turnaround times in Canada.


Our staff of 6 metallurgists can assist in determining the right process for your parts

Nitriding Equipment

  • 1 x Pit Nitrider – 65″ x 50″ diameter
  • 1 x Batch IQ – 36″ x 72″ X 36″

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